Aug 12, 2013

Purse Thieves! Hang Em!

I almost forgot to mention this. Crazy thing happened yesterday as I was at Target in the dressing room trying on "get a job clothes". I heard a woman screaming in the store. Not something you expect at Target. She was yelling "SOMEONE STOLE MY PURSE!" She kept yelling it and you could tell she was running. As if she was chasing after the assailant.    What I could gather from what I overheard from the dressing room attendant; some piece of shit literally stole some old lady's purse from her shopping cart and bolted. The lady yelled and a bunch of people chased after the guy.  I don't know if they caught him or not. When I left the dressing room the store seemed normal. No cops no commotion.

Stop doing drugs and stealing old lady's purses people. The drug problem is seriously bad here in Humboldt.  I know this place is famous for weed, but the theory I never really put much stock in, that pot is a gateway drug seems more and more real here. Come for the weed, stay for the heroin.

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