Nov 27, 2007

Foreign or Retarded?

They just hired this guy to translate all of our manuals from Engrish to Dutch. So, he's from Dutch or something. Holland right? Somewhere in Europe. anyway. I cant tell if the shit he does is just weird because he's from a different culture or if its because he's a retard.

Everyday he passes my cube in the morning and greets me. nothing wrong with a greeting but the accent in his voice and his over excitement has a faint odor of mentally challenged. I'm sure he's really intelligent because he's trained as an engineer. enough so that he'd translating technical jargon for us.

Last Monday I heard him going cube to cube telling people it was his birthday. then he finally got to my cube. in his Hollish accent he says "Hello, It's my birthday today" and offered me a prewrapped carrot cake out of a box of carrot cakes. Now, is this something they do in Ductchland or is it just that he's a retard? Seemed weird.

Maybe he thinks we're all retarded for voting for Bush and shopping at Walmart and driving Hummers.. oh wait we are retarded.
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