Nov 20, 2007

Grazing Arizona

here I go again. back to the desert. my plane leaves at 9:00 tonite to go spend das tankzgiveen with megs dad and those folks. Everyone keeps saying "at least the weather will be nice" no shit its the fucking desert. but like its not that horrible here. I like this weather. if AZ was so fucking nice their apartments would be $3000 a month too.

anyway. I have ahh board for sale at BLAZEN7 skate shop in brentwood. apparently their clientel are all midgets and only buy the 7.5" decks. a not-so-common size of which i didnt really have made. sorry. next time.
so if you like the skateboard pictured above, but you're afraid of the internet. they have it for sale here...

but Brentwood is pretty scary too.


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