Nov 28, 2007

No, please dont lower my bill.

so i changed my phone plan so i can get texts now and not get charged 15 cents a piece and 25 cents for pix. thats how much it costs without a txt/pix plan and it was killing my phone bill.

I also changed my home phone service. I took off all the shit i never use. like; Call Waiting.. forget what a busy signal sounds like? well call me when i'm on the phone. I got rid of the VoiceMail. It seems like something thats really important but
whenever i do my by-yearly checking of the voice mail its 70 messages from telemarketers that start halfway through their pre-recorded schpeal, or its Megs mom saying "hello?! are you there?! its Mom! If youre there pick up" because she still doesn't grasp the concept of not having an actual answering machine with a speaker.

I also nixed the long distance. But what was weird is that I forgot that calling the next county over, and it being a different area code is technically a long distance call. (Rita you can just ignore this part since your area codes are pointless) So for $2 i can get zone calling (calls in my area but not in the same area code) and anything out of that zone is 10cents a minute. but, i have a cellphone for that. $2 isnt bad for just in case. also, its only outgoing. I forgot they dont charge you when people call you like the bastard cell companies.

So after I knocked all that bullshit off my bill I made sure I could have DSL with such a basic phone plan. I could! and nice lady from customer service also informed me that the DSL pricing changed months ago.. it got cheaper.. but they didn't update my bill. They'd been charging me the higher price all this time because "i didnt say so" so lame!

She said they sent notices on my bill and left a phone message. I have to tell them "YES MAKE MY BILL LOWER"

If you send a message saying "were lowering the rates would you like us to update your billing?" how many people are going to say "no thanks i like paying more"

I wish they'd send the same notices when they raise my bill "would you like us to charge you more now?" you didn't respond so we kept charging you the old, lower rate.

It is such a scam. I wonder if i could get that back money from them? I need to call '7 on your side' or something.

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Symple One said...

just call them and tell them they are giving the money back to you either as a huge credit or a refund check .... then if they don't start shopping for new service. they dont value u at all as a customer. I have noticed from some of your bloggs that you let people get away with to much shit with out calling them on it...stand up for yoruself a closed mouth never gets your own 7 on your side!