Nov 27, 2007

my stupid band

this is another dumb jam I recorded. Dustin and I, keeping it real. By "real" i mean we show up for practice.

We think we have a bass player now. I hope he can make practice on a regular basis. We still need a name tho.

here's some ideas I just thought of.
  • Pledging No Allegiance (thats a fucked up word i thought i knew how to spell)
  • Trunk Boy
  • Haettenschweiler (its a font name and kind of a half assed Fingertight reference if you know some shit. appropriate since 2 members used to be in Fingertight)
Names Dustin txt'd me yesterday. We all text name ideas to eachother but they all get denied.
  • District Of Criminal
  • Vulture Culture
joke names we'll never use
  • Hull Kogan
  • Bridget Jones's Diarrhea
  • Stabbed In the Colon (SIC)

old ideas i still like
  • Beating a Dead Horse (BAD-H)
  • Pipsqueak
  • Magic & Danger (MAD)
  • Murder as a Second Language
we suck. we'll never have a name.

Here's the first list of random names from

  • Drop Iron
  • Deluded Leopard
  • Doubting Moon
  • Futile Presence
  • Nasty Rib
  • Purely Experience Of The Sixth Wreck
  • Record Of The Whip
  • Euphoric Caution And The Comet
  • Fantastic Holiday
  • Lethal Unit
lol Lethal Unit.

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jimbizzle said...

Pipsqueak is the best name so far.