Nov 16, 2007


"X'Hale" thats X'Treme for "exhale" i dont know why i felt the need to be extreme just then but you know, I'm in the skateboard business now.

I got a lot of shit accomplished this week. A lot of stressing out and relief. so i guess i can X'hale now. I got my car and got it all registered. DMV sucks my ass.

I went to skateshop and sold some boards to them. Gallery Skateboards now available at Metro Skateshop in Pleasant Hill!

ok here's some effing pictures.

wrong door FOO!

here's a better pic of 6-BUKS

I thought the horribly un-PC Cleveland Indians logo needed an update. I might have made it worse.

for the upcoming "WIZARD SKULL" Zine my friend Alex Duke is putting out.

curious vanity plate.

fuck you DMV

despite its appearance, this bathroom was not in a Motor-home.

custom deck for J-Slim IRL!

ok thats it. fuck the fuck off fuckers.


jimbizzle said...

I want a custom deck! But I'd hang it on my wall like a pouser.

Great photos!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Metro Skate deal! that's soooo awesome.

Why'd you hafta go to the DMV anywho? I thought the dealership handled that? At least they did for me when I got my Matrix.

And why 6-Buks?