Nov 30, 2007

Body Pains Friday

lets see. last sat i twisted my knee and that still hurts. wed night i did surgery on an in grown toenail. that still hurts. then last night i woke up with an insane cramp in my leg. I couldnt even move it because it hurt so bad. I have a cut in my mouth from chips or something that still hella hurts. Damnit.

here's some pickycherz.

best hot dogs on the planet.

poop graffiti!

this is the bathroom at my office. for some reason when they run cleaning cycles through the test machines it backs up into the plumbing. I walked into the bathroom to this the other day. it was gurgling.
this was the sink. same thing in the toilets.

mei ling's childhood skateboard. i posted it on this skateboard collector nerd forum. turns out its some hybrid Jeff Grosso shape with team graphics from 1987. people were saying it was worth up to $500 or more. I felt like i was on antiques roadshow. check out the killer 1980's grip job!

you can see it very good but crossing the street is a tweaker on a BMX bike giving a ride to a girl tweaker with a giant army surplus duffel bag on her back.

i dont know how they do it. Thank the UFO crash in Roswell for the discovery of microwave grilling cardboard technology.

Nothing says "i love you " like a Charger Limo ... With LAMBORGHINI DOORS!!

where we going? GAS CITY!

this is my first car lock remote. these fuckers have some range. I was doing the dishes and leaned against my keys and it set off my panic button. I can lock my car from my desk as i type this.

oh yea and this...

have a shitty weekend! here comes december. God i hate christmas.

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Symple One said...

good pics this week. DUCK SAUSE!!!! that limo was a little ghetto.