Nov 12, 2007

big day for the kirkness

My box of Gallery Skateboards is scheduled to arrive today. This will officially put me in the Skateboard business. This evening I'm supposed to go pick up my new car. A 2005 Scion Xb. I've always wanted one. Now that Suzi is dead, God bless her soul, I'm getting one.

out with the old in with the.. this isnt it but more-or-less what it looks like.

This also happened today. In fashion, I decided to do a video blog entry to document my predicament.

on a semi related note. theres this warehouse that we drive passed that is right next to my dad's and brother's work at the UP and Amtrak yards. Well I guess it was on fire one day last week. My brother actually saw the smoke and called 911 before any fire trucks or anything were there. The funny part is, while the fire dept was going around and warning the adjacent warehouses, they accidentally discovered a huge marijuana operation going on in one of them. "copious amounts of ganja"

good thing they found it or else the whole neighborhood would have gotten high

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