Jun 30, 2008

more drama at the ghetto jack in the box

As soon as I walk in and this black lady wearing a blanket is already elbow deep into a tirade, straight up yelling at the cashier.


Then someone else comes to help her and repeats her order. Then she yells "THATS WHAT I SAID, I WANT THAT.. NOW HOW MUCH IS IT?"

The workers are pushing buttons trying to undo whatever the first cashier probably entered wrong.


They're still pushing buttons and then tell her her order..

They kind of ignore her because she's being lame.


Then they point to the read out on the register... she says "OH I DIDNT SEE THAT $4.55 OKAY YOU CANT TELL ME THAT?!!"

Then she pays. s she's paying they call the next order up. This white trashy dude with EAST SIDE tattooed on his forearms comes up to get it and he kinda barks to the worker for mustard and extra something else.

Then all the sudden he says loudly in a kinda ghetto accent "DON'T GET SMART WITH ME BRO!! DON'T TRY GETTIN SMART.. I'LL BUST YO ASS" "DON'T LET THESE BLUE EYES FOOL YA"

then the worker gives him his stuff and as he takes it he yells through the hole the bullet proof glass "LITTLE FAGGITT!!" and as he walks away.. "MARK ASS NIGGA" ...then grumbled some more remarks I couldn't make out as he left. and then got on his bicycle.

Around the time the blanket lady finished ordering this hella stoned , yet well dressed office worker looking guy came in and hella stunk of weed.

and then after the white dude left the black lady with the blanket was sitting there waiting for her order and said "damn that's some DANK.. that smell GOOOD"

I didn't make eye contact but she said.. "i bet that's you huh.. you got the MUNCHIES huh?" I pretended I didn't hear her.

Finally I got to order. and I have to admit the staff there does kind of suck sometimes but they don't deserve that shit.

I ordered my stuff and its always like "Jumbo jack with no mayo no ketchup, plus mustard" then the reply i get is "Jumbo jack with cheese?" ugh!

I'll say "small diet coke" she'll reply "diet coke, what size?" then I'll say "and that's to-go" at the end of my order then she'll reply "is that for here?" as if all of her life-force she would usually be using for hearing me is being used for figuring out what button does 'no ketchup'.

I can see how someone with way less tolerance and patience would get openly irritated. For me, its just another entertaining visit to the Ghetto Jack In The Box.

I went to an Art & Wine Festival

I went to an Art & Wine street fair thing yesterday and it reminded me that I really hate those things.

Whether it be, and Arts & Crafts show, Art & Wine Festival, or Art In The Park theres always the same dumb shit there. The same crappy crafts and shitty paintings of the ocean.

I swear its like there's this clan of people that make the same lame jewelry and carved walking sticks with old man heads with beards on them and dumb enlarged prints of San Francisco and hand woven hemp sweaters and driftwood art and junk welded together to look like a little dog or a duck with a shovel for a bill that all travel together like some kind of stupid crafting carnival.

"oooh my name in letters cut out of old license plates. gotta get me one of them."

Don't get me wrong most of the time I'm a big fan of art. But just because its painted by hand or crafted from junk or fashioned out of clay doesn't make it art. Maybe I should just sell out and start painting regular shit and join the craft carnival.. its a boat, a house, the Golden Gate bridge in macaroni ...yay I'm creative. I wear tie-die!

since we're talking about this, here's a repost of something wrote on my defunct myspace blog a few years ago.

I hate "& Crafts" ; another pissed off random rant about 'arts & crafts'

person: maybe its because I miss arts & crafts time from school..

me: whenever there is "& crafts" after the word art it totally cheapens it.. it goes from Picasso, Vangoh, Jeff Soto, Graffiti and the shit I do... to Martha Stewart, Art in the Park, yarn and puffy paint.

person:lol, so you're saying that the ladies who make those fabulous puffy paint tshirts aren't artists?? :-)

me: FUCK NO. its the difference between a sick wall of graffiti or a modern art gallery and Artmosphere or those other lame pottery places...Color Me Mine.. Artopia - and stop calling it Artopia.. you're not being clever... theres nothing artistic about it. if you can paint your name or use flower stencils on a fucking plate you're NOT an artist. you're not talented. you're just a soccer mom hoping the kids shut the hell up for an hour or two.

person: haha

me: the difference between a blank canvas and a coloring book
me: I hate "& crafts"
me: I get all excited because it says art then do a 180
me: the only place that can get away with it is Michaels, they truly do arts AND crafts but keep it separate.
me: I'd be pissed if they called themselves an Arts and Arts & Crafts store.. not only is that redundant its stupid
me: its just CRAFTS. stop cheapening the word art.

ok thats all, continue with your shitty Monday .

Jun 27, 2008

I wish my girl was this dirty Friday

Let me just say I hate the band Maroon Five. They think they're just too damn cool for their own good. I'd like to see them and Rob Thomas in a battle to the death and the winner gets eaten by alligators.

Again, another tiring week. I've eaten more Taco Bell than anyone really should. I've definitely exceeded any kind of weekly allowance of Taco Bell approved by the FDA.

Here's some photos. look at them and comment.

checks? lol who pays with a check anymore?

figure this one out.

thats where they stuck the screwdriver into me.

this is a horrible pic but from all the fires the sunset and sunrise are crazy looking. last 2 nights the sun has looked like a dull red dot on a flat grey background. everywhere I go smells like smoke. California is on fire everywhere. sucks.

this is Todd. everyone say "Hi Todd!"

new mecca cafe in pittsburg. gigantic fucking burritos.

this is a mural at the new Mecca cafe. this guy looks really constipated or the opposite. but he must have eaten one of those monster burritos.

Flesh Eating Disease... PLUSHIES! for the kids.
(reader submitted, thanks Lola!)

man, i wish i had better zoom. this was the best "wash me" graffiti ever.

Todd, and my dad. Dad's reppin Fingertight!

here's some more lefty art. 2 more weeks kids!

go home and kick a pet. (if you dont have or feel kicking a pet is cruel, go outside and kick a plant or a tree)

happy friday.

Jun 24, 2008

Hands Free 2

Ok a while back I blogged about the new hands free cell phone law, which actually takes effect next week. Today on my way to work the Amber Alert signs remind everyone it starts the 1st and everyone is all freaked out about it, but theres some really dumb things about this law that I heard on the radio that many people dont know.

  • Drivers over 18 can be pulled over for using talking without a hands free device. but drivers under 18, which cant even use cell phones under this new law cant be pulled over for it. (but can be ticketed if they are pulled over for something else and they are using a cell phone)
  • Drivers can not use the push-to-talk nextel type feature while driving. but commercial drivers can use CB's Walkie Talkies and other hand held communication devices. Just not a cell phone.
  • Drivers cant talk on their phones without a hands free device, but they can use their phone to text or send email.
nice one guys.

The texting is the most retarded oversight in this law. If anything texting and emailing should be illegal and talking should be ok. Head set companies are stoked! Way to go California.

You guys all ready for this?

DMV's hands free law page

Jun 20, 2008


It's been a busy week. I'm tired. Here's some pictures.

and thats all i have to say about that...

have a great weekend. I need some fucking coffee.

Jun 18, 2008

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

You know what was weird? There was tomatoes in my burrito just now. Every where I go there's tomato epidemic posters like it was the plague or something. So I was kind of taken aback that I was actually eating tomatoes in a restaurant.

This is how it begins people. Just like in all the crazy sci-fi horror Armageddon movies. First theres innocent tomato warnings and before you know it 3/4 of the human population dies or turns into a tomato zombie.

I ate the tomatoes tho, I hope I dont die or turn into a ketchup bleeding zombie. Just my luck I'll be immune and die trying to cure the remaining tomato zombies.

Jun 17, 2008

Post Op.

Surgery went well. I now have a screw in my hand. Here's the actual xray photo.

Its' sore. I'll probably have a cast for another fuckin month. When is this shit gonna be over?

Firefox 3 comes out today.

Jun 13, 2008

Today I get a screw drilled into my scaphoid.

Happy Friday the 13th. I heard that our oil supply is fine and that demand is down. So what the fuck oil companies?

here's some visual regurgitation.

this came in the mail. Five Points Skateboards graphic by Kirk.

you mean I cant keep my cup and bring it back next time? what is this 1989? Do people really not grasp the concept of free refills? fucking bums.

taco bell has done it again! huge box of shit for under $6. thanks guys.

last day with this little guy. screw surgery today (more on that below)

tshirt art for the band Omissa

more skateboards

my dad bought a 68 VW bug.

me too.

lefty art.

So I go under the knife today.
this is a diagram of what they're doing. Screw, meet Mr.Scaphoid.

whatever you do, dont click this link. (you will anyway)
thats is the HARD way of fixing this bone.

I'm getting the easy way, seen below. If you looked at that last link you'd know why this is better.

here's some more info about my fracture.
stop scrolling when you see this pic.
after this is more of the other not so nice way of fixing it.

OK, thats all for now. If anything bad happens, thanks for reading.