Jun 30, 2008

I went to an Art & Wine Festival

I went to an Art & Wine street fair thing yesterday and it reminded me that I really hate those things.

Whether it be, and Arts & Crafts show, Art & Wine Festival, or Art In The Park theres always the same dumb shit there. The same crappy crafts and shitty paintings of the ocean.

I swear its like there's this clan of people that make the same lame jewelry and carved walking sticks with old man heads with beards on them and dumb enlarged prints of San Francisco and hand woven hemp sweaters and driftwood art and junk welded together to look like a little dog or a duck with a shovel for a bill that all travel together like some kind of stupid crafting carnival.

"oooh my name in letters cut out of old license plates. gotta get me one of them."

Don't get me wrong most of the time I'm a big fan of art. But just because its painted by hand or crafted from junk or fashioned out of clay doesn't make it art. Maybe I should just sell out and start painting regular shit and join the craft carnival.. its a boat, a house, the Golden Gate bridge in macaroni ...yay I'm creative. I wear tie-die!

since we're talking about this, here's a repost of something wrote on my defunct myspace blog a few years ago.

I hate "& Crafts" ; another pissed off random rant about 'arts & crafts'

person: maybe its because I miss arts & crafts time from school..

me: whenever there is "& crafts" after the word art it totally cheapens it.. it goes from Picasso, Vangoh, Jeff Soto, Graffiti and the shit I do... to Martha Stewart, Art in the Park, yarn and puffy paint.

person:lol, so you're saying that the ladies who make those fabulous puffy paint tshirts aren't artists?? :-)

me: FUCK NO. its the difference between a sick wall of graffiti or a modern art gallery and Artmosphere or those other lame pottery places...Color Me Mine.. Artopia - and stop calling it Artopia.. you're not being clever... theres nothing artistic about it. if you can paint your name or use flower stencils on a fucking plate you're NOT an artist. you're not talented. you're just a soccer mom hoping the kids shut the hell up for an hour or two.

person: haha

me: the difference between a blank canvas and a coloring book
me: I hate "& crafts"
me: I get all excited because it says art then do a 180
me: the only place that can get away with it is Michaels, they truly do arts AND crafts but keep it separate.
me: I'd be pissed if they called themselves an Arts and Arts & Crafts store.. not only is that redundant its stupid
me: its just CRAFTS. stop cheapening the word art.

ok thats all, continue with your shitty Monday .

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