Jun 13, 2008

Today I get a screw drilled into my scaphoid.

Happy Friday the 13th. I heard that our oil supply is fine and that demand is down. So what the fuck oil companies?

here's some visual regurgitation.

this came in the mail. Five Points Skateboards graphic by Kirk.

you mean I cant keep my cup and bring it back next time? what is this 1989? Do people really not grasp the concept of free refills? fucking bums.

taco bell has done it again! huge box of shit for under $6. thanks guys.

last day with this little guy. screw surgery today (more on that below)

tshirt art for the band Omissa

more skateboards

my dad bought a 68 VW bug.

me too.

lefty art.

So I go under the knife today.
this is a diagram of what they're doing. Screw, meet Mr.Scaphoid.

whatever you do, dont click this link. (you will anyway)
thats is the HARD way of fixing this bone.

I'm getting the easy way, seen below. If you looked at that last link you'd know why this is better.

here's some more info about my fracture.
stop scrolling when you see this pic.
after this is more of the other not so nice way of fixing it.

OK, thats all for now. If anything bad happens, thanks for reading.


Heather said...

According to Eric, the supply in China has gone up tremendously. So since our demand hasn't gone up, the world's has. Also since Bush made his own money for the war by devaluing the dollar, we are having to make it up by paying more on the global market.

Anonymous said...


Good luck with your surgery today!

Anonymous said...

i know this blog is old as shit, but i'm catching up!

anyway, that omissa design was sick. too bad they have now broken up. hehe.