Jun 27, 2008

I wish my girl was this dirty Friday

Let me just say I hate the band Maroon Five. They think they're just too damn cool for their own good. I'd like to see them and Rob Thomas in a battle to the death and the winner gets eaten by alligators.

Again, another tiring week. I've eaten more Taco Bell than anyone really should. I've definitely exceeded any kind of weekly allowance of Taco Bell approved by the FDA.

Here's some photos. look at them and comment.

checks? lol who pays with a check anymore?

figure this one out.

thats where they stuck the screwdriver into me.

this is a horrible pic but from all the fires the sunset and sunrise are crazy looking. last 2 nights the sun has looked like a dull red dot on a flat grey background. everywhere I go smells like smoke. California is on fire everywhere. sucks.

this is Todd. everyone say "Hi Todd!"

new mecca cafe in pittsburg. gigantic fucking burritos.

this is a mural at the new Mecca cafe. this guy looks really constipated or the opposite. but he must have eaten one of those monster burritos.

Flesh Eating Disease... PLUSHIES! for the kids.
(reader submitted, thanks Lola!)

man, i wish i had better zoom. this was the best "wash me" graffiti ever.

Todd, and my dad. Dad's reppin Fingertight!

here's some more lefty art. 2 more weeks kids!

go home and kick a pet. (if you dont have or feel kicking a pet is cruel, go outside and kick a plant or a tree)

happy friday.

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