Jun 9, 2008

I'm getting screwed

Quite literally.

I had my, what I'd hoped would be my last doctor visit last Friday to get my cast removed once and for all. They did remove my cast. Then took X-Rays. Unfortunately the bone isnt healing so this Friday, I have surgery to put a screw in to secure the bone.

artist rendition

So, this week I have a removable brace, which has been really nice instead of a stinky cast. I can bathe again, and wash. But then a new cast and stitches next week...for probably another 2 weeks. That is going to be the ultimate suck.

On top of that, my car is wrecked and the insurance co is putting the blame on me, so I have to pay to get my car fixed. Meg is starting school and quitting her job in August. I might start bagging groceries in the evenings to make ends meet.

I hate 2008.

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Heather said...

Who the hell taught you how to drive?