Jun 6, 2008

Extreme Close Up

Folks, I know they say to not write down passwords but fucked to hell if I can ever remember them. In light of that pay-per-use web thing I posted before, I was trying to secure my wireless network at home last night and for the life of me couldn't remember my network password. I had to completely reset the whole shebang and it sucked. Then last week I forgot my network password for my work and that was a huge pain in the ass too. So, write that shit down and hide it.

oh yea and Happy Birthday Mom!!

here's some photos

this is hopefully the last of the Lefty series. I go to the good doctor today.

skate art and logo for Manhattan Skateboards (click for big)

this was scrawled on some display in the pharmacy line at Walgreens. It's as if someone was practicing their forgery while in line to get drugs. funny.


Thank God!

wtf giants?


wasabi nuts.

ok thats all kids. go home and ride your tricycles and drink your Kool-Aid

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jimbizzle said...

I love the lefty drawings. You should continue to do them after the cast is off.