Jun 3, 2008

pay-per-use web? no please.

Ugh, surfing plans? are you out of your mind?

"Beaumont TX....Giving new cable modem subscribers a bandwidth allowance and charging for overages -- begins this week, the AP reports.

Time Warner's tiers will range from $29.95 a month for relatively slow service at 768 kilobits per second and a 5-gigabyte monthly cap to $54.90 per month for fast downloads at 15 megabits per second and a 40-gigabyte cap.

Uploads and downloads will count toward their quotas, and subscribers will have a two-month grace period to figure out how much bandwidth they're using before getting charged extra. Overages will cost $1 per gigabyte."

while this article talks about whats wrong with it and why they think it will fail, I'm afraid that this is the way shit's gonna be in some way or another.

One thing that is kind of dumb tho is that a lot of internet businesses like Youtube and Netflix and sites with heavy downloads that rely on an All-You-Can-Eat unlimited type of internet will suffer if people simply, cant afford to use it. They will suffer in advertising etc with less viewers.

They say they're trying to get the 5% of "heavy" internet users or "hogs" to pay their fair share. This is bullshit. They shouldn't charge per use, and have overages. The base price should be the same, and they should, if anything, have cheaper lightweight plans for old ladies or tailored plans for myspace whores. but its all about making more money.

But what this is going to do is divide internet users by income. And the internet, as a free for all type place is going to suffer and become this controlled elitist environment. Hogs are often beta testers or developers who help the web, and may not be of the income bracket that can afford the "platinum" internet package.

Your internet is going to be like having Verizon Wireless as your cell carrier.

dark times. don't they know everyone is poor right now?

read the whole story:
why pay per use internet will fail

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