Jun 24, 2008

Hands Free 2

Ok a while back I blogged about the new hands free cell phone law, which actually takes effect next week. Today on my way to work the Amber Alert signs remind everyone it starts the 1st and everyone is all freaked out about it, but theres some really dumb things about this law that I heard on the radio that many people dont know.

  • Drivers over 18 can be pulled over for using talking without a hands free device. but drivers under 18, which cant even use cell phones under this new law cant be pulled over for it. (but can be ticketed if they are pulled over for something else and they are using a cell phone)
  • Drivers can not use the push-to-talk nextel type feature while driving. but commercial drivers can use CB's Walkie Talkies and other hand held communication devices. Just not a cell phone.
  • Drivers cant talk on their phones without a hands free device, but they can use their phone to text or send email.
nice one guys.

The texting is the most retarded oversight in this law. If anything texting and emailing should be illegal and talking should be ok. Head set companies are stoked! Way to go California.

You guys all ready for this?

DMV's hands free law page


Unknown said...

I'm not ready and I'm not buying a bluetooth headset thingie either. I have one of those things that stick in your ear but it's connected to the phone with a cord.

Here's my plan... I'm not going to talk to people while I'm driving. If you call me while I'm driving you're screwed 'cause I'm not answering.

You're right about the texting thing, that's just as dangerous as talking and hold the phone up your ear, if not more, with texting you're not looking at the road.

There are people who drive like jackasses even when they have headsets, so whateva. :)

jimbizzle said...

Washington has the same cell phone law, but they include texting. Here is a copy and paste from the DMV web site.

Washington Cell Phone Law

As of January 1st, 2008, it is illegal to text message while driving.
Beginning July 2008, it will be illegal to drive while chatting on a hand-held cell phone.
If caught you will be slugged with a $101 fine.

Oregon's Law is a little different. Only pertains to those under 18 years of age.

Oregon Cell Phone Law

Drivers under the age of 18 cannot use a cell phone while operating a vehicle, unless it's to report an emergency situation. This includes texting, wireless, and other two-way equipment.

For drivers over this age, there aren't any statewide restrictions on cell phone use. However, for general safety purposes, avoid dialing while driving, keep conversations brief, and invest in a wireless headset so you can drive with both hands.

Anonymous said...

I cant multi-task anyway and seem to ignore my peripheral vision when a phone is clamped onto my head. But I still have that stigma that only douchebags use those bluetooth ear-things.


I'll probably end up getting one in the coming weeks and then proceed to never use it.

Anonymous said...

This is perfect for rednecks! Maybe some money in decorating elastic bands to do the job!