Mar 18, 2009

15 Minutes

Well, it appears that my 15 Minutes of internet fame is over. A new batch of fonts came out on, thus pushing Pee Pants Script off the main page and into obscurity on page 13. and its not even in the top 100. I wonder how dafont calculates the top 100. It's gotta be frequency of DL's per day or something because overnight some font no one's ever heard of is #1... much like my font was. I still have 140,763 total downloads. and 518 DL's from yesterday aint bad. It's not 6000 daily, but its something.

this is the activity chart for as of today. so sad. If you still happen to stumble on me randomly and end up reading this, thanks for the good times!

I'm working on several more fonts. Hopefully they'll be good.... er... I mean, hopefully the luck of the draw will let them end up on the top of the main page of and I'll get famous again.

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