Mar 2, 2009

What is it with rain and people freaking out on the roads?

Traffic was retarded today. people suck

First of all, I dont know if it's because we dont get a ton of rain here or what but whenever it does, the drivers here completely lose it and forget how to drive.

Visibility was nil because of the rain. For those who dont know there's a new law, a great idea for once, that says if you have your wipers on you must have your headlights on. Also, there's a new no-cellphone while driving law, despite these new laws, I watched a CHP yack on the phone in the lane next to me for like 45 minutes in traffic behind 4 cars that don't have their headlights on.
(cops are exempt from the phone thing, but still.. sets a bad example bla bla bla)

Then since were running so late, I have to take meg to Orinda Bart. So I take the Orinda Bart exit which sucks because its like people getting off, people getting on and it all criss-crosses. Well, as I try to do the merge mixer madness, some total douche in a BMW and a tie who's not exiting, just poaching the exit to avoid traffic wont let me in, rides up next to me for like 10 feet and is cussing at me from in his car. I yell back, all with our windows up of course. Someone in the on-ramp trying to get on the freeway got involved so I let him go, thus letting doucheface go ahead.

I fucking hate people.

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Anonymous said...

I wish people would fucking FOLLOW the headlights/wipers law. I almost hit some moron today that didn't have his headlights on and looked like he was parked.


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