Mar 13, 2009

Friday the 13th.... part 2 of 3

yea, here we go again. another Friday the 13th. too bad Jason and Psych blew their loads on Feb 13th. Now there's nothing really special about it. Apparently we're gonna have another in Nov. that only happens every 11 years. Who cares.

here's some pix.

I made another cover: Oordeel Heikant is a dutch composer who wrote scores for many Dutch films in the late 60's. In 1988, while a guest on a Dutch sponsored Titanic wreckage manned submersible dive, suffered major motor function loss from a head injury when the submersible's stabilizer malfunctioned.

"Life is Consciousness" is his first composition since the accident. He wrote it using the aide of a brain wave activated robotic device and state-of-the-art music composition software.

Loco car fashion.

This is the drawer at work where i stash all my doodles and stuff. its FULL.. if you'd like a closer look, they're ALL in my paperback glossy cover 110 page full color art book available at for only $32.98 plus shipping & handling.

This is Me and Dustin's new imaginary 2 piece grind-core band.

what the fuck are you people doing?


what's funny tho, is that i drew this last week, and last night this was on 30 Rock...
I love that fucking show!!!! so random.


no engres

paper to digital

more L O S T goofs since there was a repeat this week.. w t f ABC? I thought we had an agreement about no more repeats.

this is the Island's original security system.

Happy friday the 13th part 2 of 3. Dont be Stuperstitios. The way that word looks makes me think of Doritos.

Ahh isnt the internet awesome. Google is like a box of Chocolates.


Anonymous said...

For a second there I thought the guy in the yellow outfit on the Dorito bag had an orange boner. Then I realized it's the orange guy's foot. D'OH!

Symple One said...

i saw the nut cruncher dorritos on a website called you would love this site if you haevnt already seen it.