Mar 2, 2009

I'm sad to say, I think Jack is going to die.

As you all know Jack, from Jack In the Box got hit by a bus just before the Superbowl. And he's been in the hospital in critical condition since. Either he comes out of his coma with a reinvigorated attitude towards life, or, the company moves into a new sans-jack direction when he dies.

One of the graphic design logo nerd blogs I read, BrandNew has posted news of a new classic/modern branding for Jack in the Box. Which to me indicates that Jack probably isnt going to make it.

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This was on Jimbo's blog today.
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thanks for the heads up! So it was Jack's new lease on life. Also, I saw a new JITB branded cup in the street last night. sweet!

Phil In The Box.. lol pffft kick his ass seabass!


jimbizzle said...

That will be a sad day indeed. Didn't they fill off Jack years ago too?

Anonymous said...

as long as they got there food for me when i come home to cali i don't care who dies! lol