Mar 27, 2009

Paula Abdul's Mustache and hyphens.

Another Friday. Who's watching American Idol? Who else hates that Meagan Joy (aka Megan Corkery) what the fuck is up with the name change? and what the fuck is up with her stupid little shimmy she does for EVERY FUCKING SONG? I call it the CorkScrew.. except now she's changed her name so its not as relevant. She's giving full sleeve tattoos a bad name. GO HOME. America, stop voting for her.

Matt G. who is legit was in the bottom 2 last night. Seacrest asked Randy why he thinks America voted that way. I wanted him to say "Because America are fucking stupid ass-fucked morons Ryan" but he didnt.

anyway, here's some eyeball massage.

As if I needed more evidence of how brain-raped america is... look at this loveley urban culture spill-over. GRILLZ candy. 2 wrongs dont make a right.

I drew a rat. Inspired by Bobby.

fancy Thai menus. pretty rad-tacular.
(note: there were no photos)

Ok, FUCK YOU BAY ST. I've pretty much hated this bull-shit mall since it opened. Everything here is overpriced and they make you pay for parking. Then I see this...
NO you fuckers.. $2 parking is NOT a god-damned bargain. FREE parking is a fucking bargain. shove it up your ass BAY st!

Inspired by Spring. and anti-histamines

This sign was a fucking piece of work. It was at a fancy Sonoma Winery. You'd think they could pay someone to make a fucking sign. Instead, take a 72dpi 20 pixel wide clip art .gif and stretch it to fit an 8.5 x 11" frame. I know it was a .gif because they actually printed the file name with the image. That's why it looks like Johnny 5 shit it out of his anal-fax machine.

Stalefish sent me some swag! Deck and 2 Hoodies!

This is Tom. He's thinking about getting into Cock-Fighting. Dont judge him.

Speaking of HANDICAP. I didnt create this, or photo-graph it. I found it on the net. But it is fucking rad and I wanted to share it with you.

Here's some more LOST-Related photoshop goofs.

Jack was assigned to "The Shed" in the episode before last.

Sawyer completely loses his vision in the year 3000

ok that's all i got. taco to you later.

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Christopher Main, Esq. said...

this is probably one of your best photo updates yet. I was going to say that the rat was radical, but then saw the rest.