Mar 2, 2009

Pee Pants Script... blowing the fuck up. It hit 103,103 downloads on yesterday. It's being redistributed all over the place. Not sure how I feel about that but its sending traffic to my website. So if you're here from clicking my link on dafont or wherever, thanks for downloading pee pants.

Chris informed me just now that there's an article up on right now for The 45 Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts. .. Pee Pants Script is number 6 on the list?
fucking rad, so now, I just need to make another font that's just as good. Dont wanna end up a one hit wonder.
site might not work because of the "digg effect"

Take Out the Garbage isnt doing too shabby either. It's at 35,567 and counting. Props to too for giving it some blog love.

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