Mar 18, 2009

15 Minutes

Well, it appears that my 15 Minutes of internet fame is over. A new batch of fonts came out on, thus pushing Pee Pants Script off the main page and into obscurity on page 13. and its not even in the top 100. I wonder how dafont calculates the top 100. It's gotta be frequency of DL's per day or something because overnight some font no one's ever heard of is #1... much like my font was. I still have 140,763 total downloads. and 518 DL's from yesterday aint bad. It's not 6000 daily, but its something.

this is the activity chart for as of today. so sad. If you still happen to stumble on me randomly and end up reading this, thanks for the good times!

I'm working on several more fonts. Hopefully they'll be good.... er... I mean, hopefully the luck of the draw will let them end up on the top of the main page of and I'll get famous again.


Anonymous said...

PeePee pants brought smiles to many faces..don't take that for granted man! I sure won't.

Moderator said...

I too was surprised that my (our) number one fonts were so markedly bumped down after the update. I guess it makes sense, but I don't understand how, fonts that were for several days weeks even, steady posted at say 14, stagant 14, remained in the top 100, and even climbed the top 100 further, and my font that was steady #1 for the same length of time was pushed off completely. Ehh politics I guess. I have noticed jason ramirez (who is a great designer mind you) has had a font land in the coveted top slot (the same slot that Pee Pants Script had) of the main page more than once. Jason Ramirez is also the designer of the font used in the logo. And the designer who is in the current third slot, can't recall hs his name or font name at present but it received third billing opn the main pag (where chickenhawk was) has also previously held a spot on that page as well.

Coincidence? Hmmm, I doubt it, considering all the fonts added with each update. I think there is a little selectivism in that whole process there.

But hey, the powers that be at dafont seem to know their stuff. I knew when I made chickenhawk it was a hit. Im sure you had the same inkling about Pee Pants.

And our fonts did not hold their top spots merely due to their placement on that high traffic dafont index page. Contrar, fast type was in slot # 2 and quickly slid down the charts nonetheless.

And if you look at the individual categories we still place for the most part in the top ten most popular which shows that there is just that large of a margin between #1 and say #102.

I will, however, become a bit skeptical if chickenhawk or pee pants dont start an ascent again. I'm not talking top 50 even, but at least back in the top100, because as I mentioned earlier, fonts that were not climbers at all have made leaps when they are not new, not updated, but still popular, still of interest to people to download. Theres nop reason ours would no longer be.

Anyways.... the selectivism at dafont, I can appreciate. Maybe thats because I think dafont appreciates good stuff when it sees it. Same reason why give them props in my profile because they really are a great site all around. for surfers, designers alike. no frills quick loading no junk and no bullshisa. You know?

Anywho, been busy busy busy away from the comp. Finally have time & web access again ha ha. Submitted a new font I hope will rival GeosansLight, called "Champagne Sans" and its full family, updated the chickenhawk & pretty much ALL of my font graphic artwork there.

Can't wait till my new graphics are up since I don't have my site up. I'm in gmail, holla!