May 30, 2009

Pee Your Pants

My font Pee Pants Script has made it onto another "45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts" list.

One of the trends in creating site designs right now are in Hand Drawn Concept. And talking about Hand Drawn Design, using a Hand Drawn Fonts is mostly a must to match the design. On this matter I list down 45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts. This are the most popular hand drawn fonts that used on the web and free to download.


dont forget I have this and several other fonts available at New ones are on the way as well!

May 29, 2009

I want to believe it didnt suck...

I watched the latest X-Files movie. You remember when X-files was a show and they would have a random crappy episode that wasnt about aliens or the smoking man... well that's what this movie was. a 2 hour long bad X-Files episode.

My interview went well. fingers crossed. Still sending out resumes.

sorry I went Friday -Friday on the bloggin' also, sorry about Paula Deen. here's more of this.

the new set up at la casa.

Kurt. ugg

Stinkus, giving her signature "stink eye"

ahh, Colon Powell Parkway.

$7 GiantsK tickets to see Timmy!

why you gotta hold the straws hostage like that Ketchup?

ahh Glassjaw, what a rad band. nice sticker random car in the parking lot.

beware of shitty dog drawings. grrrrrrr
for the record, im not scared of that dog.


pretty gnar bathroom at 7-11 in Moraga. nice shard of glass mirror.

photo trickery! mike IN his top shelf non-heavy syrup cherries.

el gato!

here's some photochop fun.

good night and good luck.

May 22, 2009

FPB- unemployed edition

as some of you know, I was laid off last week. making this the first Friday Photo Blog - unemployed edition. If you know anyone that would hire me, I'd love to meet them.

here goes...

Paula Deen is the Antichrist. She's killing America one plate of sugar coated, deep fried, bacon covered butter ball at a time.

Dentist says I need to floss more. He always says that, and I always forget to floss.

Dirty old man. I bet that's Vodka.

"the jams" courtesy of Bobby.

fucking GAP "artist series" probably $80 for a damn chuck close shirt. no thanks. someone should make cheap shirts with cool art on them.

nice beard


I had to use the internet at the laundromat...
because that happened.

oh snap!

Piggles says "eff this, i'm taking a nap"

"shave and a haircut.... "

portrait of my buddy Jer.

Oakland Greek Fest. I ate way too many (not enough) loukoumades
so good.


Good bye little cubicle. pictured is the mountain of art I had hidden in my drawer there. shh.

I'll leave you with a quote-
"Funny thing when you're unemployed, the weekends don't mean quite so much... 'cept you get to hang out with your workin' friends" -Primus

May 15, 2009

Putting some Stank on it.

this nice old couple totally snaked me at McDonalds just now. I was waiting for like 2 minutes and they walk in, I chit chat with them and when a new register opens and they say "Next in line please" they totally just go. Fucking bitch ass old people.

here's more of this Friday stuff

another view of my cubicle

work stuff.

some tweakers that used to live by my brother moved down by Meg's mom. Just so you know, that Hummer has Boss Hogg bull horns on its hood.

mmm Flap Meat!
Super Mercado es loco

cant wait to put this beaut' in!

and capitalize they did!

dumb drawings I did...

New font!

Oh yea, and I have a little art show next month. tell a friend.