May 14, 2009

What We Know "The Incident" LOST Season 5 finale recap.

Wow, LOST Season 5 is a wrap. here's some stuff I picked up on from the show.

1. Jacob is real and has influenced or "touched" the [at least some of the] 815ers lives in their past.

2. John's body was in the box. and John from season 5 was not really john but Jacobs nemesis.

3. The statue has a room in it. where Jacob lives.

4. Rose & Bernard were living in peace in the jungle with Vincent since the flash to 1974.

5. Jacob's cabin, sort of looked like Rose & Bernards hut

6. Someone, Jacob or Bocaj was being held captive by the circle of ash around the cabin but escaped.

7. Ben lies. "that's what I do" and admitted that he was "pretending" that Jacob was there in the cabin with Locke.

8. Sun & Jin are still not reunited.

9. Pierre Chang lost his arm in the "incident" at the Swan. (but apparently lived on to make the orientation video where we see him with one arm ... how does this fit with the time line of the Orchid video where he has 2 arms?)

10. We still dont know who was in the other outrigger shooting at Sawyer, Jules etc.

11. Lapidus might be a candidate.

12. Apollo bars are available off of the island.

13. They end up blowing the nuke on the swan and Juliette is probably dead.

14. Jacob also visited Illana off island.

15. Richard knows "what lies in the shadow of the statue" roughly translated from Latin to "the one who will save us"

16. Phil was impaled in the incident. Many Dharma were lost that day. The true aftermath is unknown.

17. The Others (Hostiles) had access to Dharmaville via the tunnels under the village. But chose to not attack them.

18. Hurley got the Guitar case from Jacob. It would seem Jacob was trying to help recreate 815, like Hawking wanted. Making Hurley a proxy for Charlie.

19. Temple music sounds like Indiana Jones music.

20. The statue has a monster head with crazy teeth. Possibly Egyptian God Sobek.

21. Jacob brought John back to life after he was pushed out of the window. (Abadon was his nurse, did Widmore know he was saved by Jacob?)

22. A man tells Jacob he wants to kill him while the Black Rock sits off the coast of the island. He needs to find a "loophole" in order to kill jacob.

23. When Jack told the "count to 5" story to Kate in season 1, he conveniently forgot to mention that the idea came from his father.

24.Jacob speaks several languages quite well.

25. Jacobs encounter with Sayid supports the idea that he was trying to get the O6 back to the island. (him in cuffs as a proxy for Kate suggests Illana knew also, possibly via Jacob.)
see #18

26. Miles' theory may have been correct in that the incident was them setting off the bomb, and everything that's happened still happens. see #9.

27. Illana's group claimed to be "the good guys"

28. Sun's longing for finding her lost love, Jin may have been set up to be a proxy for Sayid who, on 815 was hoping to be reunited with Nadia. see #18

I'm sure there's more I forgot.

Season 6 will be the final season of Lost. I hope they wrap it up nicely.

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jeadly said...

29. Rifles provide no advantage over handguns even over significant distances.

30. Don't use a jeep to escape from a deadly magnetic field.

31. Chains will get inexplicably tangled around your torso.

32. Metallic objects will follow the path of least resistance to a magnetic attraction (traveling along in the air instead of being pulled at an oblique angle into the ground.)

33. What has happened has happened, it can't be changed and if you do go back and succeed in changing something you've either created a divergent reality within the multiverse or become the cause of whatever you tried to prevent. In any case you can't un-live past unpleasantness and will only succeed in vaporizing yourself and everyone around you.