May 7, 2009

Round Table vs Round Table vs Me

I just got a call from Round Table Pizza, regarding the complaint I filed via their on-line comment form.

Since we moved to our new house, we haven't been able to get Round Table to deliver us a pizza. Despite the fact that there are two Round Tables just around 3 miles of our house they both say, my address is out of their range. I checked and according to Google maps it takes about 4-6 minutes to drive to my house from either location.

When I call the Buchanan location, they say to call the Bailey Rd. location and vice-versa. Last time Buchanan undercooked my pizza so I ended up driving to Bailey to pick it up. They guy there said they were flat-out lying and showed me his delivery map that clearly ends a block before my house. Now, if they were cool they'd make an exception but its a long way to go and requires getting on the freeway. The Buchanan location is basically just down the road. I guess Bailey Rd. is the Last Honest Pizza.

I've also been made privy to some insider RTB drama. A customer showed up to the Bailey location saying they wanted their pizza. Then explained that they'd ordered a pizza from Buchanan to pick up (they probably live on my street!) and when they got there to pick it up, the doors were locked and the sign said closed during normal business hours. They called and the person who answered said they closed because of safety reasons. I dont give a fuck.. I want my motherfucking pizza! I guess that happens alot, as does them not wanting to fulfil thier delvery route obligations.

Bailey Rd. is a stand up location and they've given me napkins, paper plates, parmesan and pepper every time i've ordered from there without me even asking for it. I'll gladly drive to pick up my pizza from them because Buchanan is fucked.

The Manager of the Buchanan store called me and said that she was sorry and has to double check her delivery range because she's new to that location. She said that my street may have been flagged for drivers safety concerns. I live next to a school, and the neighbors are all cool. Maybe at one time it was bad, before I moved there, but they need to check their shit.

They better step it up or else.. Buchanan, your going down!


jimbizzle said...

I used to go to the Bailey RD Round Table all the time when I lived in W. Pitt. They have always been awesome there. Some of their customers aren't so awesome though...

Stick it to Buchanan!

Tbone said...

You have more battles with food places than ANYone else I know.

Just thought you should know...