May 8, 2009

As Santa Barbara Burns

Barry Zito's twitter yesterday "Manny's out for 50 days, time for the Giants to capitalize!"
this is a funny breath of honesty in a sea of politically correct quotes from around the league.

Go Giants!

here's some this.

RIP Dom Deluise. thanks for the laughs.

Indian buffet. delicious!


remember the foamy bathroom at my work? Yesterday was an all time high.

winter wonderland!

"push button, get bacon" this will never stop being funny to me.

I want to own this building and make it into a rock venue.
when monkeys fly out of my butt.

always a good idea right?

rain-out? eek maybe.
what's that, grounds crew? Rain delay? maybe...

get rid of that tarp!


Steve & Remy were there too!

ok ball eaters. have a good weekend.


jimbizzle said...

Push button, get bacon! That's awesome! Such a let down when all you get is warm air. Stupid hand dryer!

Moderator said...

hey did you see that thing on food network... they're doing some lost cake he he