May 30, 2009

Pee Your Pants

My font Pee Pants Script has made it onto another "45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts" list.

One of the trends in creating site designs right now are in Hand Drawn Concept. And talking about Hand Drawn Design, using a Hand Drawn Fonts is mostly a must to match the design. On this matter I list down 45+ Most Wanted Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Fonts. This are the most popular hand drawn fonts that used on the web and free to download.


dont forget I have this and several other fonts available at New ones are on the way as well!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk, I came across the "45+ Most Wanted Beautiful" page to dafont and finally traced your blog here. Your Pee Pants Script design is indeed beautiful and I found it sits lovely with my craftwork, but frankly, I'm confuzed with the definition of personal use and commercial use. Currently I'm working on some craft pegs to sell and these pegs need to be hold together with a piece of cardboard for the packaging sake. Ideally I'd like to print my Etsy shop name on this packaging card, after a couple rounds of font selection I think your font stands out from the rest. I humbly think I make no profit from using your font, but you'll be the best person to judge this : May I print your lovely font for packaging purpose? Cheers.

Kind Regards,