May 1, 2009

Uno De Mayo!

ok so hey, its friday again. I scored some Giants tix from my work for tonites game, and of course the forcast is rain, rain, rain. I'm taking my brother and we're just gonna go for it anyway. If it gets rained out we'll just go to the tenderloin and pay a crack whore $100 to just let us take punches to her face and stuff for like 15 minutes. Of course we'll wash our hands afterwards...wouldnt want to get whore flu.

so here's some of this...

New Font steez. Decco Disco Casual. coming soon to
(check out the rad tie dye background!)

She's BACK!!!

I dont even know what the fuck this vent is even for. WTF?
at least it matches the car color.

Swine Flu... Hecho en Mexico.

Buy Alex Duke's book

Jim's beefy rub down.


finally got this done. now I have to get the cats to stop shitting in it


happy Uno De Mayo!


Christopher Main, Esq. said...

i think the satan piece should be rainbow colors.

Pour hot sauce in the dirt area, cats won't fuck with it anymore.

Kirk said...

you mean, waste hot sauce?

does that really work?

Moderator said...

Zombea Arthur. he he