May 15, 2009

Putting some Stank on it.

this nice old couple totally snaked me at McDonalds just now. I was waiting for like 2 minutes and they walk in, I chit chat with them and when a new register opens and they say "Next in line please" they totally just go. Fucking bitch ass old people.

here's more of this Friday stuff

another view of my cubicle

work stuff.

some tweakers that used to live by my brother moved down by Meg's mom. Just so you know, that Hummer has Boss Hogg bull horns on its hood.

mmm Flap Meat!
Super Mercado es loco

cant wait to put this beaut' in!

and capitalize they did!

dumb drawings I did...

New font!

Oh yea, and I have a little art show next month. tell a friend.

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Moderator said...

MY First F! Very nice, I hope to see it on dafont soon.