May 3, 2009

Throwback Pepsi

New Pepsi Throwback, with real sugar. I had to try it because Coke with real sugar (can be found in the OG glass bottles) is 100% better than the Fructose crap. So I pop it open, the normal shaped bottle is a little disappointing but at least they're trying with the cool logo right?

It has a distinctly different flavor. There's defiantly more spice to it.. its almost a Ginger Ale flavor. It tasted familiar tho so I kept sipping and trying to find it.. Then it dawned on me. A flavor that I hadnt tasted since the early 90's.

Throwback Pepsi tastes just like Crystal Pepsi!! I remember always thinking that the famously clear pepsi had a distinctly different flavor than regular 1991 pepsi. It's that odd ginger, almost citrus undertone that I always thought was just me associating "clear" with "lemon lime" soda. But no, maybe Pepsi back in the day tasted like that, and Crystal Pepsi somehow nailed the flavor.

so, reluctantly, I gotta say, I still like diet Pepsi better. also, I should have said earlier that Fructose Pepsi, to me, tastes like it has dirt in it. maybe that's the way the ginger spiceyness of it works out after the Fructose treatment.

Crystal Pepsi.. it's your tomorrow, it's your everything. RIGHT NOW!
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