Jan 16, 2009


whatever. Flock a Canadians took down a jetliner. pretty crazy. Also, supposedly Barry Zito might be dating Paris Hilton. Maybe that's all he needs to get his arm back. A few nights in Paris.

and now this.
my work space as of wednesday.

fruit booters took over the Walnut Creek skatepark the other night. little fuckers were waxing metal coping. seriously?
it was like a gang of em.

behind that palm tree is a medivac copter that landed at the end of my street. no pulitzer prize for photojournalism here. timing is everything.

stencil fun. rock over london, rock on chicago. GE we bring good things to life.

I have my own personal Chef. His name is Chef Boyardee

originals of my font

i need to hit the groomers.
bug holes!
sedimentary rocks!
lazy fucking people i work with cant change out the damn TP

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hate lazy, no toilet paper changing mofos.
I bet it was the Hello Kitty lady!