Jan 9, 2009

Zebra Stripe Rain

so hey fuckers, its Friday. What a weird week its been. Cinnamon played a big part in my week.

here's some stuff to look at.

zebra stripe rain

hair, 2009

yes. this is GOP gum. Civil rights are taken away with every chew.

the beard 2009

20" rims on a shitty ass work truck.

Other is usually what i get. Diet Coke/Dr.Pepper or Diet Coke/Rootbeer mix.


I got in trouble for posting this on a forum.

my friend liked my chopps she wanted me to make one of her and her son. I hope she likes it.

I did a logo for some new invention we're working on here at my job. score.

thanks cinnamon!
have a fucked up weekend!

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