Jan 7, 2009

5 Second Rule!

This morning I ate food off the ground.

I had a ton of shit in my hands coming from my car this morning.. backpack, coffee, netflix envelopes and a sausage breakfast sandwich from starbucks. They didnt put the little sticker they usually put on to close the bag and the bag was slipping from my hand and tipped sideways then fell out...open face, down on in the loading bay floor.

sausage patty touching concrete... egg touching concrete.. I really wanted it tho so I picked it up, put it back together, took it back to my desk and ate it.

I sensed the slight essence of what may either be sharp cheddar, or delivery truck residue. They push the dumpsters over that spot too... I hope I don't die.


jimbizzle said...

You just copied and pasted out IM conversation. I feel ripped off.

Unknown said...

you are a sick lil puppy!