Jan 13, 2009

I Fonted.

Some of you may have noticed the new background and header for the noggins. New for 2009. I figured we're never gonna get flying cars so, I revamped the site a little. It still takes forever to load but I dont know how to fix that.

Anyway, the font in the header is a custom font created by Yours Truly. I started messing around with fonts a while ago and have made a few. check em.

this one is called BOWELLBERALTA. its a copy of the classic 80's skateboard company Powell Peralta logo.

This one is called KOOBZ. It's a blocky geometric font I used to draw all the time and decided to make it an actual typeface. It's hard to read but I'm happy I did it. This one is called Captain. I named it that because it was originally supposed to only be in CAPS. Caps, CAPtain... get it? You could also say theres a James T. Kirk reference in there too. Anyway, This is the font I'm using in the new noggins header. I made this because I wanted a caps font where each letter had the same height and width. Then I got bored and made the rest. The lowercase isnt the best. It's kind of like a mutated Century Gothic. (my favorite font)
This one is called "Quickrite". I've always wanted a font that was my shitty handwriting. There's a ton of "hand" fonts out there but this one is mine! I scrawled the alphabet and some other shit on a page with a felt tip pen and scanned it low res.

If you want to download any of these click here. then give Rita the stink-eye

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Anonymous said...

I want a font of my crappy writing! How do you do it? I want to be able to not read things that I type as well!!

Word verification is "anitis." Sounds like a painful anal affliction...