Jan 5, 2009

Little Orphan Olive Garden

I could do a best-of 2008 post here, but I dont think there was any good posts from last year. None that stand out anyway. So I'll start the year off with this instead. The Olive Garden sucked.

For some reason, where I've lived most of my life there's never been an Olive Garden (or In N Out, or Sonic, but thats another story). About 5 years ago a new restaurant was being put in right by the mall, and we all hoped it would be an Olive Garden. I'd gone to one in like 1996 and thought it was great so we were always hopeful we'd get one. Then it turned out to be shitty Tahoe Joes who had horrible service and gave us moldy bread.

Fast forward to the other night. Some friends came out to our new place, where we happen to have an Olive Garden (and an In N Out!) and they wanted to have dinner there.

We get there and wait 45 mins for a table. We sit down and I start looking at the menu and it sucks. It was like the pasta section of the Carrows menu. Nothing unique, nothing special. Lasagna, Ravioli, Chicken Parmesian, spaghetti.. blah.

I wonder if the build up hadnt been so high for the elusive Olive Garden, I wouldnt have been so dissapointed but the food was Carrow's on a good night quality at best. But twice the price.

The endless breadsticks were a center cut away from being hot dog buns. And that salad you ordered is community property. I hope someone else doesnt pick out all the croutons.

Yea so, its like waiting weeks for your Little Orphan Annie Decoder Pin and finding out that it's just a crummy commercial for Ovaltine.

Happy New Year.
if you wanna see some best-of action, browse the archives, or post some of your favorites in the comments and I'll compile them in my next post.

In other news, there's a new SONIC in Vallejo.


Anonymous said...

There's also a Sonic in American Canyon by the Super Wal-mart. Or is that the same one?

Kirk said...

American Canyon, Vallejo.. tomato, tamahto