Jan 29, 2009

LOST season 5 episode 3

SPOILER WARNING!!! if you havent watched all the way up to the current episode. do not read.

First off, I'm kinda bummed that predictions I thought were too obvious to happen, are actually coming true.

  • Widmore is one of the young soldier dudes.
  • And now, since she's in LA, Dan's mom is gonna be Mrs Hawking.
  • Watch the new female other end up being Hawking, and Dan is her and widmore's love child.

you can just file that under "sure, like i didnt see that coming" bleh

And if the Time Paradox stuff is confusing you. Here's the way I see it.

For some reason, the course corrections dont effect Desmond, and apparently Alpert.

And for all intents and purposes, The flashback with Locke as a kid didn't happen until after Locke went back in time in 2004 and gave Alpert the watch in 1955.

Just like Desmond didnt remember meeting Dan in 2001 or whatever until Dan went back in time in 2004 and met him back in time.

its mind boggling. I love it, I hate it. its Lost!

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