Jan 20, 2009


On my way home from Santa Cruz, where this radness happened....

We were near the SC Mountains summit on Hwy 17 and we stopped at this funky little roadside store to go pee. Near the entrance I notice a restroom sign on a giant wooden bear statue outside but the arrow pointed towards the road. There's no one in the place so Steve goes into the back looking for someone to clarify what the sign means. Chris and I are milling around contemplating filling our pockets with salt water taffy when Steve comes out getting yelled at by this aggravated old Chinese guy. He's like "I DON CAYA YOU HAVE PEE!! YOU GO HOME, GO PEE!! BATHROOM OUTSIDE!! YOU FOLLOW SIGN!! FOLLOW SIGN!!" woah! that guy hates people! then he saw us in the store "WAT YOU NEED? WAAATT!!!!" aaahh! holy shit.

So we go out side back to the sign that appears to tell us to pee in the road. We do as he said and "FOLLOW SIGN!!" to the dirt shoulder next to the highway, make our way around the freaky totem pole fence and see another sign pointing to a port-a-potty 5 feet from traffic. As I wait to use the facilities I notice some more signs posted on the totem fence and near the outhouse. What they said kind of caught me off guard.

Holy shit these people are fucked! fires of hell? seventh generation? blind in one eye? For littering WTF?

This sign starts out normal then they get all fucking crazy again. DUDE!? I felt kind of weird after because I think i got a little pee on the floor. I hope nothing bad happens.

We've been cursed!


Anonymous said...

I make signs for a living and i have never seen anything that crazy!

My Way said...

Oh man. That is some awesomeness. Thanks for sharing. I LOL'd.