Feb 19, 2009

"The Hot Sandwich"

It's like a Dirty Sanchez but with 2 chicks and a soul patch.

Just kidding..

Actually, this is just another food rant.

Let me ask you this, isn't the point of getting cheese on a hot sandwich so that it melts into the meat? (again not intended to be sexual)

well, the mother fucker at TOGO's hasnt grasped this concept yet... I watched him dump a generous amount of mustard. Both breads no less, then I cringed when he put the cheese on the mustard. I have this thing about cheese touching mustard without a buffer. Then as he's putting the cold veggies on cheese I realize that my hot meat is going to go directly on produce thus denying me of melty cheese meat.

Thanks asshole, now my lettuce is soggy and my cheese is cold and mustardy. Gross!

And that Togo's is always busy so It's not like I'm gonna make the long ass line wait while he rearranges my cheese.

SANDWICH RUINER! You area professional sandwich maker, you think that the cheese/hot meat logic would have crossed your mind at some point.

Also I'd like to ad that I think their $6.50 Large sandwich got smaller. Man, what happened to Togos? I have fond memories of an all wood paneled Togos with shitty wooden booths from my childhood. And #9's piled so high with Pastrami you couldnt finish.

UGH, I just ate a huge hunk of cold American cheese.. gross.

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