Feb 13, 2009

Jason Vorhees Memorial Photo Blog.

Don't worry too much, he always comes back.

Theres a special Friday the 13th episode of Psych on tonight. Also, traffic was really light today. I wonder if that many people are superstitious.

ok here's some eyeball wax.
this is Gato. He just showed up one day and meows all the time.
**update: turns out he is a she. **


12,551? are you fucking kidding me?

Zachary's Stuffed baby.

Yummy died. word is, he got nailed trying to cross train tracks on foot when the gates were down. Bad move Yummy.

Oh yea!

It's a bloody, buddy.

the melody of shitting. BRRRRRRT

photoshop fun...

And here's some chops I did while chatting on the Lost forum. They were more funny in context.

Here's some goofs from a "LOST T-Shirt ideas" thread.

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Can you change your font to not free?