Feb 20, 2009

Riding the Bluetooth Lazy River

Sorry for the tardiness, I forgot my card reader and had to use bluetooth to transfer my pics. It takes a little longer. Also I was really late today and there was a young mom with her chubby toddler who's limited vocabulary included the word "candy" ... no baby, no candy, we gettin' macdonalds.. much better. Like i'm one to talk. oh well..

..eye vagina, meet blog cock!

this is Diego, a coworkers dog.

I love the illustrations. poor little guy.

Death by train!!! dude in richmond parked on the tracks and got out just in time to get splatted by an Amtrak at 80mph. Apperantly it was a suicide. My brother works at Amtrak and took this pic when it got to Oakland where they switched out the Locomotive for a new one and 10 mins later it killed another person on the tracks in Hayward. dude whats up? if you look close you can see teeth. the guy got impaled on the knuckle there, head was severed by the bar going between the lights. seriously, if your not commiting suicide, be careful around tracks. trains cant stop. now to wash your sign synapses.. here's a....

....RAINBOW! happy now?

I was drawing this at the laundry mat and this lady comes up to me and says something in spanish.. then when I looked at her funny, again in English. "are you an artist" no shit. but it's what she said next that kind of baffled me.. look at the drawing.. she said "Oooh that is so beautiful, you draw so nice" lady, its a toilet monster shitting out a fat naked guy with flames coming from his asshole.

not even dragons can make this Sizuki cool.

snow on Mt. Diablo!

gato numero uno. Piggy is getting old. sucks.

gay dog.


more fonts

Lost goofs

oh yea, until yesterday, when they took it out, there was $100 Million in the CA budget for State Controllers Office furniture.. REALLY? that's why were closing schools? for million dollar chairs?

rant over.. have a lovely week end

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