Feb 27, 2009

Paula Abdul Friday Photo Blog

So I'm sucked into the void of anything good known as American Idol again. And every year I'm on Paula-Watch. Most of the first round of episodes I've noticed they do a good job editing out her weirdness. But since they've gone to the live TV format, the crazy is starting to shine through again. God bless America. Another thing I gotta say is, while I wasn't sure I liked the new top 36 everyone but 3 get sent home each week format, It sort of works because there's some stinking piles of shit up on stage. Even then, this format sucks, because if you liked someone since the auditions and they had an off night, there's no second chance. I guess I could be calling in an voting.

Yea right, I'm not that pathetic.

Here's how pathetic I am.. look at stuff:

my book arrived. slight printing issue which was partially my faut. It's been fixed tho. BUY IT!

it's good with coffee
I've become slightly obsessed with octo-mom.
what a piece of shit.

Vivid's offering her a million dollars to do a porn, and will pay all of her and her families medical expenses if she signs on as a Vivid porn star. will they pay for the plastic surgery to remove the 30 yards of extra belly skin before they roll camera? ew.

stickers arrived! stooked.

peanuts are messy. Birds get a bad rap for being messy pets, but they eat nuts, so it's not their fault. It's the peanuts.

my nickname with the ladies (JK)

fuck you plumbing!

this is the secret to making a kick ass quesadilla. It's good on tacos too.

newest font.

all the fonts I've done so far.

unofficial mock up idea for a Caballero deck. Cab's artwork.

more Lost crap I made.
at this point this is what the writers are using as a guide for the script.

The island was a govt. works project under FDR.

this screenshot from next weeks preview clearly proves that it's Lions With Machine Guns. (LWMG™)

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i saw some glue today called sumo glue