Feb 15, 2009

Time Travel's a Bitch. (LOST CONTENT)

So I've been cruising the Lost forum and some interesting mind fucks have caught my attention.

Since time travel has been introduced, in one shape or another, this makes me rethink any logical theories I've had for this show. The time line goes all over the place now. And while Dan says, you cant change what's happened, he seems to sure as hell be trying to do exactly that. Also, who's to say, that what you do to change history, you didn't already do?

You might want to lube up your brain vagina for this.

One new theory is that Aaron, is actually Ben's son. Yea that's what I said, but check it out..
Thomas (pictured left- at least the actor that played him), Claire's babydaddy, looks a lot like a young Ben. So if you can believe that Ben, in his 20's went back in time and to Australia to impregnate Claire. He was all stoked that she was pregnant, but then, when it was too late to abort, he disippears. Sounds like a Ben move to me. This also supports the idea that he knew Claire would be on that plane. And, why it was HIS lawyer looking for blood samples. Another supporting theory is that the painting in Widmore's office, the hatch, and the paintings Thomas did look like the same artist. (they're all Lost executive producer Jack Bender's work, but that's besides the point) more on Thomas here.

Ok, your brain hole blown out yet? Check this one out. How's this for an explanation for the numbers. What if the origin of the numbers is in fact, the random lotto drawing, and that Hurley somehow in some crazy time travel circle was responsible for making the code, the iterations, and the hatch etching be those numbers?

I need a cigarette and a reach-around.
I am reminded of this classic piece of cinematic genius which ironically, explains the joys of time travel plots.

Bill: Can we get your dad's keys?
Ted: Could steal them but he lost them two days ago.
Bill: If only we could go back in time to when he had them and steal them then.
Ted: Well, why can't we?
Bill: Cause we don't got time.
Ted: We could do it after the report.
Bill: Ted, good thinking dude. After the report we'll time travel back to two days ago, steal your dad's keys, and leave them here.
Ted: Where?
Bill: I don't know. How about behind that sign? That way when we get here now, they'll be waiting for us. (bends down and picks up the keys) See?
Ted: Whoa! Yeah! So after the report we can't forget to do this, or else it won't happen. But it did happen! Hey, it was me who stole my dad's keys!

Oh Keanu where did it all go wrong?

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