Feb 24, 2009

Mickey Rourke, Gay Marriage and Weed.

I'm glad that Mickey Rourke decided to come out of witness protection, despite his court ordered identity alterations and make some new movies. I congratulate him on his Oscar nomination for The Wrestler. But now that he's played a disfigured comic book villain and now Macho Man Randy Savage all he has left that his horrible mug can pull off is the lead role when and if they make a Dog, the Bounty Hunter movie.

It sucks that he didnt win the oscar but if he did we wouldnt have got the awesome acceptance speech from Jeff Spicoli. 'Yeah Prop-8 was some bullshit buuuud'.

Speaking of CA politics... legal weed? Hey why not? I don't smoke, drink or do any drugs but I really think that alcohol is more damaging than weed. It's really a double standard to have cigarettes, booze and caffeine legal and extremely commercialized and have marijuana so heavily prosecuted.

I think I read somewhere that back around WW2, the Army was using hemp for its rope and netting and what not, and DOW Chemical invented Nylon™ and lobbied heavily for the US govt. to ban hemp and marijuana. I think that's pretty fucked.

Anyway, while I think there's no good reason for pot to be illegal, I think the negative aspects of the marijuana subculture and the abuse of the medical marijuana laws is detrimental to any chance it has to be a legitimate legalized product like beer or cigarettes.

So, congrats Mickey Rourke. Your portrayal of DOG is sure to be Oscar worthy. Hollywood types.. get on that.

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