Feb 6, 2009


So last night I was coming home from the Petaluma area and traffic was being diverted from 37 to 129 at Sears Point. The traffic report said there was an accident involving a tanker truck and they closed Eastbound 37. We had to take a crazy detour through Sonoma and shit. Anyway, this morning I hear Sal talking about 37, and a truck accident, and the road being closed.. I thought that maybe it was the same truck from last night still there causing problems, but it was another truck, jackknifed halfway into the water. Two separate semi accidents in almost the same exact spot in less than 24 hours. Fucking crazy. I wonder if its Gremlins?

Here's some pixels arranged digitally to look like things.

washer/dryer. yay! plumbing leak. nay!


What time is it? OBAMA TIME! lol

i finally finished this font

oh yea, Lost. crayzee. I have thoughts, but i'll have to compose them later.
have weekend.


jimbizzle said...

Nice rabbit pancake semi ripoff!

Unknown said...

Hey! I drive 37 everyday for work now. I work in Sebastopol and I noticed the same thing. It sucked big donkey balls last night and this morning. At least this morning I had a Starbucks latte to get me through it.

I miss you kirkness!! I need to get on AIM again.