Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!!

and happy Birthday Jeff. I have no costume, nor do I have cool plans for Halloween. I really hate that but life sucks sometimes. I've been doing a bit of art this week.

click for big
the pen art for the above.

i did some rock stacking at the beach.

martinez walmart is rocking the new golden sphincter logo now.

cheep gas is back!

one of my birthday cards.. funny shit.

also, I've been doing some cartoons for the Medicine Agency blog. check it out

Oct 30, 2008

LIFE was good.

I was really having a craving for Wheat Chex the other day. So while at the groc last night, I was all excited to get them.

There's so many crazy cereals now, I almost didn't see em. Finally.. good ol' Wheat Chex! But the box was hella small, and it was like $4.

the same size box of LIFE was like $1.50. Despite my craving for the Wheat Chex, I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for cereal. especially when LIFE, which is essentially, lightly sweetened Oat Chex, in the same sized box was 3 times cheaper.

LIFE was good.

In another completely unrelated topic, I spotted, but havent been able to photo, a lowercase L on a election sign someone made hanging on an overpass. I drove under it 3 times this week not knowing what it said. Then meg said its about that High Speed Rail initiative.

oh thats what they meant by RAIl. lowercase L's are annoying
there was also a FOR SAlE sign near my house. I never noticed them really before I discovered http://lowercasel.blogspot.com/ its great.

On that same overpass the other day coming home was a gaggle of gay-hating Prop 8 supporters stopping traffic with Yes On 8 signs. A few cars honked, and a dude in a white trash pickup gave em the thumbs up, which prompted me to do what only felt right, flip them all off.

there was an ad on the radio today that basically said "Prop 8 stops gay marriage, vote yes on prop 8" seriously? cant they see how hateful and homophobic this whole campaign is? their big selling point is that gay marriage will be taught in schools. Which, it wont. But they're so scared of the gay. what the fuck is this 1955? No people, if you use a gays only drinking fountain, you wont turn gay. fucking ignorant fucks.

For those of you who dont know what prop 8 is, it basically says "were gonna change the constitution in CA, so that takes out the words "equal rights" and replaces it with "god hates fags" of course I'm paraphrasing here but that's pretty much it.

Californians, no on 8.

I still gotta brush up on a few other Propositions on the ballot. Gotta love the ads tho.
Yes on 2 ads say if you vote no, you'll get salmonella. No on 2 ads say that if you vote yes, you'll get salmonella. If I dont vote will I still get salmonella? fuck this is confusing.

anyway, LIFE was good. If anyone works at a grocery store or the Chex factory and want to send me some Wheat Chex, feel free to write me.

Happy Thursday. dont forget to check DSB

Oct 29, 2008

Sunny Deez Nuts

Sunny fucking Delight. There's nothing delightful about this shit. They call it Sunny Delight because legally, they cant call it orange, juice or orange juice. This stuff is a fucking science project.

This stuff is so nasty. I remember seeing the commercials for it all the time. A group of kids runs into the house after a long game of grab-ass or something reach into the fridge and all get boners over "SUNNY D!" ..."YEA, I'LL TAKE SOME SUNNY D PLEEZ"

Really? Orange flavored cum is the last thing I want when I'm thirsty. Especially after a long game of grab-ass. I'll have purple stuff please.

Sunny D, is bad, and wrong... its.. badong.

Totally random rant on obscure product over. carry on.

Oct 28, 2008

Chip, mother fuckin' Coffey

Ok, so I've posted about this show Paranormal State before. I really dont want to like it but it keeps sucking me back in. There was like a mini marathon of it last night and I couldn't stop watching. There was this girl who was possessed and needed an exorcism. It was pretty crazy. I'm not sure I totally believe in all that shit but its still fun to watch on TV.

They bring in this psychic medium guy all the time named Chip Coffey. I love him! He looks like a Truman Capote look-alike but he's a bad ass. He goes into this house where the girl is being haunted by a spirit and right away senses stuff. "I dont like this" its screaming in my head "GET RID OF ALL THIS RELIGIOUS SHIT!" because the family had jesus and crosses all over. they go into another room, "MORE RELIGIOUS SHIT" When they go into the bathroom he just points to the bathtub. Gasps like an old lady who just saw a guy pissing in public. Walks out, then back again. "was there anything sexual in here?.. because its saying "I FUCKED HER IN THE BATHTUB" The girl actually did have an experience where she almost drowned in the bathtub and said it felt like something was trying to rape her. crazy! again, I dont know what the fuck spirits are, or how psychic shit works, but Chip Coffey is the fucking man!

as I mentioned in my old post, Chip has a school for psychic kids to develop their skills. It's like space camp for 6th sense kids. Or like a real life, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. I want one.

Sixth Sense For Real - posted Jan 8, 08

Oct 24, 2008

Yesterday was Thursday...

So, today is Friday, look at this.

I had to get a new DMV photo.

this woulda been rad on my license.

julian entering the dungeon.

some product names are funny and seem like they didnt put enough thought, or put way too much thought into the name.
"ooh and lets mash the N into the T! yea! " or "i dunno, just put -tron after it and ship it"
this inspired me and tom to make some fake company logos.

I need to send this to passiveaggressivenots.com.
"hey, if you woulda bought a large you could play the game, cheap bastard!"

speaking of cheap! 2.99!

Beat The Wizard? I get this mental picture of a guy with a beard and pointy hat getting flogged with a baseball bat. Or a Wizard Rap DJ.

Tom got me a blank deck for my b-day, I arted it with sharpies the other night!

gonna skate it tomorrow!

here's my other ridden/riders

my meager skateboard collection

this lasted about 14 minutes.
scrap lumber and trucks.

here's me rippin it up at Lake Cunningham on my birthday

some doodlies below:

Oct 23, 2008

It's coming!

Here's the first of the LOST season 5 promos. If you jumped on the bandwagon late and are still wondering wtf they were thinking with Nikki and Paulo, don't watch this.

Jack caved & shaved. what pussy. In an interview Terry O'Quinn (Locke) was asked about his role in season 5. his answer pretty much sums up Lost.

"You will be suitably frustrated and amazed. Enjoy season 5."

If past seasons are any indication, season 4 will be on DVD sometime around x-mas.

I have DVR now, this is gonna be interesting!

Oct 20, 2008

Video bloggins

again, stealing this idea from Tom.

sometimes you need to document your frustrations on the spot because I'll forget by the time I get here. sorry bout the angle.

Oct 17, 2008

The Crappening

Ok I'd been dying to see this since it came out. I'm a huge M.Night Shamalamadingdong fan. I'm one of the 14 people that actually really liked The Villiage.

Anyway. This movie had great potential. It was a great idea with a few really stunning visuals they wasted in the trailers. But that's about as far as it went. The whole time I was watching I was trying to be interested in the overall plot but I got distracted by the bad acting, bad script and bad special effects.

Marky Mark was using his Boogie Nights nice guy voice which is really annoying. He works better when he's playing a bad ass from Boston. The little girls fake crying was really, really annoying. John Lenguizamo did a good job but he dies in the first 1/3 of the movie. I fell in love with Zoey Dachonel in Elf and can never find fault in her acting. I think she did a great job with the piece of shit script she had to work with. The rest of the cast was D list character actors and glorified extras.

also this scene never happens. they're never in the city not even in the deleted scenes.

The whole movie just seemed cheap. The effects came across as high budget but poorly done. Theres one scene with an iphone video that just looks like the props were from a Halloween store but filmed with a million dollar camera. it was just REALLY bad. here's the scene if you wanna see it. YOUTUBE

The last part of the movie with the old lady could have been a short film and be better than the entire movie all by itself.

M. Night, you let me down man. Not even a zinger at the end? overall, like I said before the idea was there but the execution needed some work.

Dont waste your time.

It was the plants. meh.

Go rent Unbreakable again as I'm sure you never fully appreciated it the first time you watched it.

Whole Lotta Nothing.

Hey guys, today is the anniversary of the 89 earthquake. I bet the Giants would have won if it wasn't for that shit.

here's some visual stimulus;

E 16th Sunrise

Sir Linus Willaby strikes again

cabinets are now... white! for the record, oil based paint sucks butt.

happy birthday early!

remember that skeletal spongebob and patrick I drew from last week? funny that I saw this on SBQP the next day. mines better.

beard growin'

my brother is funny.

grandpa turned 80! we had a surprise party and almost killed him.

hobo code? or gang code. hobo's are more interesting.

here's some graphic diversions.

(click for big)

ok that is all. movie review coming up. wait for it!

WEAKend .. go!