Oct 6, 2008

How'd you spend your Sunday?

I woke up at 8. went to breakfast with my girlfriend and her dad, and her dad's girlfriend. He was up from Vegas for the weekend.

I got pancakes and bacon.. I really hadn't had that in a long time. it was very satisfying.

Then I did a tune up on Meg's Tahoe. its a V-8.. towards the end my dad and brother who were helping me were getting all antsy because the 49er game was starting.. I didn't give a shit. I hate football.

I hung some curtains in my new house too. why the fuck do they make the curtain rod all fancy and give you these shitty industrial looking mounting brackets.. totally fucks up the look.

IKEA's allure has finally worn off.

this is what i got for lunch. pretty much my lunch until meg gets out of law school.

Steve said I should just fry them in oil, after microwave but I dont have that option here at the office. I really should get one of those mini-deep fryers and keep it in my cube. how rad would that be?!

-today I'm fryin up some McDonalds double cheeseburgers.. who's in? you buy, I'll fry
-tomorrow, we're making Refried Jack in the box tacos

but for now I'm stuck with the wonders of the microwave.. i just took a bite of still frozen burrito while scalding burrito oozed out the back and burned the shit out of me.. microwaves are jerks.

anyway, MONDAY... GO!

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