Oct 17, 2008

Whole Lotta Nothing.

Hey guys, today is the anniversary of the 89 earthquake. I bet the Giants would have won if it wasn't for that shit.

here's some visual stimulus;

E 16th Sunrise

Sir Linus Willaby strikes again

cabinets are now... white! for the record, oil based paint sucks butt.

happy birthday early!

remember that skeletal spongebob and patrick I drew from last week? funny that I saw this on SBQP the next day. mines better.

beard growin'

my brother is funny.

grandpa turned 80! we had a surprise party and almost killed him.

hobo code? or gang code. hobo's are more interesting.

here's some graphic diversions.

(click for big)

ok that is all. movie review coming up. wait for it!

WEAKend .. go!

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

The giants lost because the A's were better.

I love the nerd bird and the table cloth you added to breakfast.