Oct 29, 2008

Sunny Deez Nuts

Sunny fucking Delight. There's nothing delightful about this shit. They call it Sunny Delight because legally, they cant call it orange, juice or orange juice. This stuff is a fucking science project.

This stuff is so nasty. I remember seeing the commercials for it all the time. A group of kids runs into the house after a long game of grab-ass or something reach into the fridge and all get boners over "SUNNY D!" ..."YEA, I'LL TAKE SOME SUNNY D PLEEZ"

Really? Orange flavored cum is the last thing I want when I'm thirsty. Especially after a long game of grab-ass. I'll have purple stuff please.

Sunny D, is bad, and wrong... its.. badong.

Totally random rant on obscure product over. carry on.


Anonymous said...

badong is my new favorite word.

My Way said...

I think fake assed "orange drink" from McD's tastes better than orange flavored cum.