Oct 30, 2008

LIFE was good.

I was really having a craving for Wheat Chex the other day. So while at the groc last night, I was all excited to get them.

There's so many crazy cereals now, I almost didn't see em. Finally.. good ol' Wheat Chex! But the box was hella small, and it was like $4.

the same size box of LIFE was like $1.50. Despite my craving for the Wheat Chex, I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for cereal. especially when LIFE, which is essentially, lightly sweetened Oat Chex, in the same sized box was 3 times cheaper.

LIFE was good.

In another completely unrelated topic, I spotted, but havent been able to photo, a lowercase L on a election sign someone made hanging on an overpass. I drove under it 3 times this week not knowing what it said. Then meg said its about that High Speed Rail initiative.

oh thats what they meant by RAIl. lowercase L's are annoying
there was also a FOR SAlE sign near my house. I never noticed them really before I discovered http://lowercasel.blogspot.com/ its great.

On that same overpass the other day coming home was a gaggle of gay-hating Prop 8 supporters stopping traffic with Yes On 8 signs. A few cars honked, and a dude in a white trash pickup gave em the thumbs up, which prompted me to do what only felt right, flip them all off.

there was an ad on the radio today that basically said "Prop 8 stops gay marriage, vote yes on prop 8" seriously? cant they see how hateful and homophobic this whole campaign is? their big selling point is that gay marriage will be taught in schools. Which, it wont. But they're so scared of the gay. what the fuck is this 1955? No people, if you use a gays only drinking fountain, you wont turn gay. fucking ignorant fucks.

For those of you who dont know what prop 8 is, it basically says "were gonna change the constitution in CA, so that takes out the words "equal rights" and replaces it with "god hates fags" of course I'm paraphrasing here but that's pretty much it.

Californians, no on 8.

I still gotta brush up on a few other Propositions on the ballot. Gotta love the ads tho.
Yes on 2 ads say if you vote no, you'll get salmonella. No on 2 ads say that if you vote yes, you'll get salmonella. If I dont vote will I still get salmonella? fuck this is confusing.

anyway, LIFE was good. If anyone works at a grocery store or the Chex factory and want to send me some Wheat Chex, feel free to write me.

Happy Thursday. dont forget to check DSB


Anonymous said...

Stupid lowercase l's. Screw 'em all.

My Way said...

What's really interesting to me is that there are shitloads of blogs out there giving their opinions on political shit and there are shitloads of people having back and forth political arguments on the comment section of their blogs. And here you go writing some really fucking good shit, and I don't see anyone arguing about it.


That makes now sense!

And why is cereal so fucking expensive these days anyways?